Welcome to Body Wax Brazil

The Hard Wax Collection

Lusciously creamy body wax with the look and aroma of pure chocolate, honey and avocado.Low-temperature melting point and easy removal, our waxes are perfect for all skin types and all over the body waxing, including sensitive skin. Click through this link to find out which wax works best for you.

No Strips Necessary

Simply apply the wax, wait briefly, then peel off the wax along with any unsightly hair. See the video demo. No more yanking your hair out with painful strips!

More Hair Removed, Less Hair Regrowth

As you’ve probably noticed, many body waxes merely break hair off and remove very little by the root. Our waxes have the highest bulb-count (hair AND root removal) of any wax you’ll ever try. Higher bulb-count means weaker, thinner and less hair regrowth.

Brazilian-Born, Made in the USA

Body Wax Brazil is the creation of Brazilian-born Chaiane Gelosa. Chaiane’s commitment to premium-quality wax includes the use of all-natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly business practices. Body Wax Brazil only carries products you can feel good about using. Click here if you'd like to know more about how Body Wax Brazil came to be.